If you are having some problems with downloading your patterns or other things with the website, here are some steps you can try.

  • Are you logged in? Clicking on the download links in the email often will require that you be logged into your account to make sure that the download will start. 
  • Have you tried your account page? Sometimes it is easiest to go to your account page to download. On the left you will see a link to click that says Downloads and you will see a list of all your purchases there with links to download. The links will never expire.
  • Are you having trouble logging in? This can happen if you’ve forgotten your username or password. You can reset your password by hovering over the My Account link at the top of every page. A menu will drop down and you can select Lost Password. You will need to enter in your username.
  •  Are you having trouble resetting your password? This occurs when you are not entering in the correct username. Then the reset email will not be sent to you. It is important that you enter your username.
    • You cannot enter in your email address if you have a username that is different – it won’t work unfortunately.
    • For some people their username is the first part of their email address before the @ symbol. e.g. The myname would be their username.
    • For many people their username and their email address are the same thing, so your email address will work in this case.
    • Some people entered in their own username. Hopefully you remembered it. If you didn’t, contact me and I will look it up for you.
  • Are you clicking the link but nothing happens? You might have popups blocked. Depending upon your browser and your settings, when you click the link a window may open up to prompt you where to save your file. If popups are blocked then the window won’t open.
  • Did you download the file and can’t find it? These types of questions get harder to answer because of the wide variety of browsers and devices that you may be using to access my website. On a desktop computer often the default location for downloading files is called “Downloads”. But you may have changed that if you previously downloaded a different file to a different location. Different phones and tablets have different locations where they save files. The best way to find it is to search your computer or mobile device for it using the file name or part of the file name. You can always search on designsbyemily because I include that in every file name.
  • Are you having trouble printing? It is hard for me to help you with printing because of all of the different brands and models of printers and the computers they connect to. If it is only my file that you cannot print, then it is possible that you need to open it up a different way. Often pdf files will open up in browser windows now. But that is not always the best way for viewing and printing. I suggest you use a pdf viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit, Javelin, or Nitro. Launch the pdf viewer program and then choose which file to open so that it will open up in that program and not in your browser window.
  • Is your pattern missing pages? Your download may have been corrupted or incomplete. Go back to your account page and download again.


As always, if you are having some sort of trouble and can’t figure it out, I will be happy to help you get your patterns. Please do not ever hesitate to contact me with questions.