Knit-a-Long Questions

Got questions about the Knit-a-Long? Here are answers to some of the more common ones.

What is a KAL?
A KAL, or Knit-a-Long, is a virtual event where many people all knit the same pattern throughout a specified time. This KAL is a Mystery Dishcloth, meaning you will knit a dishcloth but will not know what it looks like until the end.

Can I join at any time, or do I have to wait for the beginning of the month?
Join at any time in the month. Your first payment will be prorated and then you’ll be charged the regular rate on the 1st of each month.
For Free members, you’ll be added into the list and at the beginning of the next month, you’ll start receiving the KAL emails.
For Plus members, you’ll be added into the list, and you’ll start receiving KAL emails for either Week 1 or Week 3, whichever one comes soonest.
For VIP members, you’ll be added into the list, and you’ll start receiving KAL emails for the very next KAL.

How will I be charged?
When you purchase one of the paid subscription options, Plus or VIP, you’ll be charged an initial prorated amount based upon the number of days left in the month. Then on the 1st of the month, you’ll be charged the amount for the tier that you chose. The subscription is an automatic recurring charge that will go to whatever payment method you chose at checkout.

Can I cancel?
Yes, cancel at any time. There is no commitment. Your subscription will continue to be active through the end of your billing period and then will not renew.

Will it always be a dishcloth pattern? Will it always be knit?
Yes, that’s what I design. I haven’t branched out from that, but maybe someday. And yes, always a knitting pattern. I don’t design for crochet, sorry.

What if I already own the pattern you picked? Can I get a different one?
I’m sorry but I cannot keep track of all the patterns individual customers own. Part of the fun of a Mystery Knit-a-Long is the mystery. If you own a lot of my patterns, there may be a chance you end up with a repeat.
If you are more interested in making sure to get brand new patterns each month, I will suggest to sign up for the VIP level, where I will release two brand new patterns each month as part of that Tier.

I missed this month’s Free KAL, can I still get the pattern?
No, I’m sorry. Once we are past the Free KAL, I do not offer access to those patterns. However, they are still available for purchase in my shop.

What size will the dishcloth be?
All my dishcloths finish to about 9 in. x 9 in. square. They all cast on 37 or 38 stitches and have between 55 and 57 rows.

What type of yarn should I use?
Ideally, you should use a solid-colored, worsted weight 100% cotton yarn, like Sugar ‘n Cream or something similar. If you are not planning on using the cloth as a dishcloth, then any worsted weight yarn will do.

What needle size will I need?
This depends upon if you are a tight or loose knitter. I recommend size 7 US needles. Go up or down a size if you are a tight or loose knitter.
If you use needles that are too small, the finished cloth may come out much smaller than you like and may be difficult to knit. Using needles that are too large will create a cloth that is loose and the design may be difficult to see.

What type of needles should I use?
This is an individual preference, but I use straight metal needles when knitting dishcloths with kitchen cotton. I find that the yarn is very ‘grabby’ and is difficult to slide on wooden needles.